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    Greenwich Communication Centre has been delivering high-quality computer maintenance and repair services since 2006. Our expert engineers are on hand six days a week to provide cost-effective and speedy solutions to any PC, mac, laptop or netbook problems.

    What we will do to repair your PC, mac, laptop or netbook

    computer fault diagnosisWhen you bring your computer in-store, our engineers will diagnose the problem and provide a full quote for its repair. We’ll ask you to pay a small fee for the diagnosis, which will be deducted from the final repair costs.
    As well as fixing the immediate problem, we’ll give your computer a full check-up to make sure it is up-to-date and running effectively. This will help prevent faults from occurring in the future.
    All our work is guaranteed for quality. Any recurring problems will be fixed at no extra charge.
    computer fault diagnosis

    What kind of computer problems are likely to occur?

    Problems are divided into two areas: software and hardware.

    Software problems

    • Occur when an operating system or installed program becomes corrupted or virus-infected
    • Usually solved within 24 hours

    Software problems we commonly deal with include:

    • Infections with virus/malware
    • Operating system stuck in a loop
    • Operating system not booting
    • System freeze
    • Upgrade difficulties
    • Machine running slowly
    • System boot failures
    • Software incompatibility
    • Installation problems
    • Internet access
    • Applications not responding
    • Missing files
    • Forgotten admin password
    • Lost Airport connection

    Hardware problems

    • Occur when a physical part of the computer is at fault
    • Most repairs completed within three days
    • Repairs may take longer if we need to order in parts (seven days from the UK, longer if ordered in from overseas)

    Hardware faults we fix regularly include:

    • Cracked/broken screen
    • Memory upgrade
    • Overheating
    • Excessive dust build up
    • Speaker port faulty
    • Microphone port faulty
    • Logic board fault.
    • Trackpad playing up.
    • Wireless keyboard Losing connection.
    • Dirt behind the screen.
    • Noisy fan.
    • Stuck keys / dirty keypads.
    • Static noise through speakers.
    • USB Port not working.
    • Short battery life.
    • Ethernet connection problems.
    • Stuck disc or disc ejection problems.

    If the computer will not power on, please note that we’ll need to fix this first, before a full quote and diagnosis can be provided.
    Your computer's internal hardware components include the hard drive, CD/DVD ROM drive, logic board, memory, modem, video card, wireless card, DC socket/powerjack, cooling fan, CMOS battery and more. Though we hope that any problems arising with your equipment is a rare event, the varying purposes of such numerous components can lead to a whole host of different problems. Computer memory, for instance, does not last for ever. Hard drives eventually fail and without regular backups this can be disastrous.
    If you experience any of the above (or any other computer or IT related problem), please do not hesitate to get in touch

    How to get in touch

    If you’d like to book a service or have any questions please call us on on 020 8269 2103 or fill out our enquiry form or pop in the store.

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    We’re happy to offer students a 10% discount on all our computer maintenance and repair services.

    To claim your discount all you need to do is show us your valid NUS card when you drop your device into the Centre.

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