• Apple Mac repairs

    Here at Greenwich Communication Centre we understand that Apple owners have a special relationship with their device. We know the anxiety you feel when you are without access to your work, music, media or online network.

    But don't worry! Whether you own a MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or Mac Mini, it will be in safe hands with us. And because we understand your worries, we will keep you informed every step of the way.

    Common Services include:

    OS Optimisation & Repair

    A common issue that can cause startup issues and poor performance is that your Operating System has corrupted, either as a result of third party software damaging the system or that your drive and directory has fragmented over time. We can use or repair tools and experience to de-fragment your hard drive, repair software issues and get you back up and running again fast and effectively.

    Hard Drive Repair & Replacement

    One of our most utilised services is our Hard Drive repair and replacement service. As you copy to and delete data from your hard drive your drive suffers from an element of wear and tear and over time the drive can fragment and fail. We will run repair utilities over your drive to try and bring the drive back to life and if the drive is no longer functioning correctly then we can replace your hard drive and migrate your data onto the new hard drive.

    LCD Screen Replacement

    MacBook Pro and MacBook Air LCD screen's have a tendency to crack if they have been dropped or pressure has been applied. We offer an LCD screen replacement service to remove the faulty LCD screen and replace with a new LCD screen to get your Apple Mac up and running again asap.

    Hard Drive Upgrades

    If your mac is running low on space and you want to add additional storage then we can upgrade your internal hard drive to a much larger size so you can add to your ever expanding iPhoto and iTunes Libraries. We can also replace your existing internal hard drive with a new Solid State Drive (subject to compatibilty) to dramatically improve the speed of your machine or add a larger Flash Storage to your MacBook Air if you originally purchased a small drive.

    RAM (Memory) Upgrades

    Increasing the RAM in your machine will make such big improvements in the speed and operation of your machine. As you upgrade the system on your Apple Mac to the newer versions your RAM is utilised more and more, leaving you with hardly any available RAM for your applications to use, this usually ends with the spinning coloured wheel whilst your system tries to allocate RAM to the program. Increasing the RAM in your machine will lease new life into your Apple Mac and keep it performing how it should.

    OS Upgrades

    If you have found that you haven’t updated the operating system in your Apple Mac computer for a long time then it is likely that without a set of upgrade discs you cannot install the latest operating system, then get in touch. We can run a disk defragmentation and then fully update your machine to the latest operating system possible and make recommendations to help your Apple Mac machine run faster.

    Booting Issues

    If your Apple Mac is no longer booting up, and on start up now displays a flashing question mark, it is likely that your hard drive is no longer recognised by your machine.

    In this instance we can remove your hard drive, connect it directly to our recovery machine and start the assessment process to determine what work is required, to either get your drive into a position where we can extract the data, or to clone your drive to one of our recovery drives.

    Recover Deleted Files

    If you have accidentally deleted data from your Apple Mac then we can help to recover the data from your drive through our specialist data recovery partner. When data is deleted the data still sits on your hard drive but is labelled as free space, this makes it quite straightforward to recover. The best thing to do if you have deleted the data is to no longer use your Apple Mac until you have had the drive scanned for deleted data, as if you continue to use the machine you risk writing over the data making it more difficult to retrieve.

    How to get in touch

    If you’d like to book a service or have any questions please call us on on 020 8269 2103 or fill out our enquiry form or pop in the store.

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    We’re happy to offer students a 10% discount on all our computer maintenance and repair services.

    To claim your discount all you need to do is show us your valid NUS card when you drop your device into the Centre.

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