164 Trafalgar Road
London SE10 9TZ
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Green Computing


    Greenwich Communication Centre takes its commitment to the wider environment and the societal impact of its business activities seriously.


    greenGCC is committed to promoting environmental good practice, to continually reduce our environmental impact and to prevent pollution.  We seek to improve our processes whereever possible to minimize our carbon impacts and we wish to work with suppliers and assist our clients to do the same.


    To this end GCC provides a battery recycling facility for our customer to use free of charge. Each battery placed in the red recycling box in the Centre will be taken apart and many of the materials will be recovered and used to make new batteries or something else.

    Recycling batteries is good for the environment. It keeps them out of landfill, where the resources will be lost and heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corrodes, causing soil and water pollution. If batteries are incinerated with household waste, the heavy metals in them may cause air pollution.

    All GCC employees are responsible for integrating environmental considerations into the business and maintaining the environmental policy:  To assess the extent and nature of our impacts on the environment; minimise our consumption of resources and raw materials; reduce production of waste materials.


    GCC offsets 100% of it’s carbon footprint by investing in renewable wind and hydro sources. We reduce non-essential site visits by effectively using virtual technologies. We use public transport where ever possible. Recycle as much waste as possible and reduce paper use by sending most documentation electronically.


    GCC is a Microsoft Registered refurbisher and accepts computer hardware for reuse according to WEEE regulations and we are working towards meeting the requirements of the environmental management standard ISO14001 by applying the guidelines under BS8555.